Conjuring the Caribbean: “How Sweet It Is”


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December 7 to December 11, 2015

Join artists, scholars and students in a five  day exploration of tourism, commercialism and gender identities. The symposiums calls for an interdisciplinary response to shifting imaginations about the power and potential of Caribbean studies viewed through the lens of a sugar-saturated past.

Visiting Guest Artist/Scholars:

Awilda Rodriguez Lora (independent artist), David Donkor (Texas A and M University), Nadine George (University of California, San Diego), Raquel Monroe (Columbia College, Chicago)

University of Michigan Scholars

Anita Gonzalez (Theatre and Drama), Vincent Mountain (Theatre and Drama), Aliyah Khan (English and DAAS), Lawrence La Fountain-Stokes (Latino Studies and American Cultures), Silvia Pedraza (Sociology and American Cultures), Mbala Nkanga (Theatre and Drama), Alfreda Rooks (School of Public Health), Jocelyn Stitt (IRWG), Nesha Haniff (DAAS).


MONDAY Opening: How Sweet It Is – Room 100 Hatcher Graduate Library

4:00 pm Panel Presentation: “Sugar, Diabetes and People of Color”

Jocelyn Stitt, Dana L. Thomas, Nesha Haniff, and Jessica Chee moderated by Jocelyn Stitt

5:00 pm Reception

6:00 pm Keynote presentation: “Postcards From Empire”

Gaiutra Bahadur is an award-winning American journalist who writes frequently about migration, literature and gender. Her reporting,criticism and essays have appeared in The New York Times Book Review, Dissent, History Today, Washington Post Book World, The Nation, Foreign Policy Magazine, The Virginia Quarterly Review, The (London) Observer and Ms., among other publications. Coolie Woman: The Odyssey of Indenture is her first book. It was shortlisted for the 2014 Orwell Book Prize, the British award for political writing that is artful.

TUESDAY Plantations and Indentured servitude – Duderstadt Commons

6:30 pm “Sugar Cane Alley” Film Screening led by Mbala Nkanga

8:30 pm Nadine George performs “Annie Palmer”

WEDNESDAY Caribbean Identities and Languages – 3512 Haven Hall

4:00 pm Panel Presentation: “Rum, Alcoholism and Machismo”

Aliyah Khan and Larry La Fountain-Stokes moderated by Sandra Gunning

WEDNESDAY Caribbean Identities and languages  – Duderstadt Commons

6:30 pm Tableaus and Provocations

7:30 pm “Why Speak Your Language” Multi-Lingual Poetry Jam

8:30 pm Awilda Rodriguez Lora “La Mujer Maravilla – INDIA$ deluxe edition”

THURSDAY Cuba and Martinque/Negritude and Revolutions – Duderstadt Commons

6:30 pm Tableaus and Provocations

7:00 pm Silvia Pedraza “Sugar: Before and After the Revolution in Cuba”

7:30 pm Mbala Nkanga  “Performative Reading of Aime Cesaire Writing”

8:00 pm  “Revolutions” Guest Artist/Faculty Group Performance

FRIDAY Carnivale, Tourism and the Black Body – Duderstadt Commons

6:30 pm Lola Von Miramar Rocks the House

7:30 pm  “Carnivale” Guest Artist/Faculty/Student Group performance

8:30 pm Reflection and Celebration

Co-Organizers: Anita Gonzalez, Lawrence La Fountain-Stokes and Aliyah Khan

Organizing Committee: Mbala Nkanga, Jocelyn Stitt, Alfreda Rooks, Sandra Gunning

Event coordinators and Technical Directors: Chantel Gaidica and John Del Guadio


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